About the Journal

Africa Environmental Review is a publication of the School of Environmental Studies, University of Eldoret. The journal is published biennially and will continue to embrace a wide range of issues pertaining to the African environment in particular, but with wider implications and approaches that could be adopted elsewhere. We look forward to receiving your manuscripts.
Our journal addresses diverse environmental themes in line with the objectives of the journal and the sustained effort at evolving practical solutions for the myriad environmental problems that afflict the continent. Subjects covered include drought identification, sustainable livelihoods in arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs), climate change, resource conflicts, wetlands and biodiversity, aquatic biodiversity, forestry, wildlife management, environmental social sciences, spatial information management technology and its applications in participatory rural planning and management, water harvesting, ecosystems, environmental health, pollution, public health, disaster management, geological sciences and environmental law.
These areas reflect some of the challenges facing environmental scientists at the moment, namely: obtaining a balance between human and environmental needs, and protecting the environment from over-exploitation and pollution. It is evident that environmental integrity can only be preserved through the assiduous applied research by African scientists coupled with effective leadership by local authorities who use the results for making policy decisions. These decisions invariably affect the lives of the population at large for whom appropriate education is vital.
In the light of the above purview, we invite and encourage environmental researchers to submit their results to this Journal. Natural scientists are encouraged to collaborate with professionals in other fields (economics, sociology, law, etc.) to prepare articles on environmental management that contribute to the betterment of our environment.
The reviewers of the papers contained in our journal are gratefully acknowledged for their comments. The organizational and administrative support work leading to these publications, performed by Daniel MurgorVincent SudoiGeorgine Kemboi and Elias K. Ucakuwun are gratefully acknowledged. Financial support for this publication is provided by University of Eldoret and contributions by authors of various papers. The website design and support by ERMIS - Africa is greatly appreciated.